Earn Money With Affiliate Marketing Using These Free Tools

If you’re an affiliate marketer looking for ways to improve your income, or if you are just getting started with affiliate marketing, then you’ll certainly want to start using these free tools.

They can help you in various ways, from saving you time so that you can devote more of it to the more important things to making certain tasks easier to perform.

Tool One – A Website Is Important

You will need a website for various reasons. I can not stress the importance of owning a website strong enough. A website opens unlimited doors to potential ways you can earn income as an affiliate marketer.

A few of the reasons why you’ll want a website are:

  • One, most companies that offer affiliate programs require you to have an established website.
  • Two, you will absolutely want to build a mailing list of your own. This is essential for notifying consumers of new products and offers when you become aware of them.
  • Three, to build trust. People buy when they “feel like they know you”. How else will they get to know you unless you provide an online presence where you provide them information about you.
  • Four, so others can contact you. You don’t’ want to hand out your home address or phone number to everyone online, it’s not like you are operating a multi-million dollar corporation here. There are some people in this world who are absolute nut jobs! You certainly do not want them calling you in the middle of the night to complain that you are charging too much for a product that you are promoting. Yikes, that would not be good! A simple contact form on your website allows a means for others to contact you, while keeping your information private.

Don’t worry, if you know nothing about building a website, or hosting a website, there is a free service at hand that you can use. You can get a free website with SiteRubix, click here to grab yours now! You’ll gain not only a website, but a lot more (including free training YAY!!).

Tool Two – Protect Your Passwords

When you start joining programs that you want to be an affiliate for, you will wisely want to use different passwords than the ones you use for your bank, Facebook etc.

Keeping track of passwords can be a complex thing, you can either write them down and put it in a safe location. Or you can use the same single password for everything you do online ( this is not recommended of course).

Of course the best option is to use a program that is well-known, well-used and well trusted to keep track of your passwords for you.

Roboform is just the tool to help you do just that! Roboform has been around since 1999 and is considered one of the safest password managers online today! Click here to download it for free.

Tool Three – Find That Perfect Short Domain Name

As an affiliate, you probably have that one product that you love to promote more than any other. You love promoting it so much that you have it in your email signatures, you talk about it on the phone, when you are in public, and even when you are at family functions and other events!

When others ask you how to order or get more information, do you give them a long URL full of numbers and letters that is impossible to remember, and maybe even harder to type in a browser?

Nah, of course you don’t do this. You give them your website URL. And when talking, you want that URL to be short and memorable.

Considering that a good domain name is hard to get, you can consider utilizing a tool that I use a lot, to search for domains that have recently expired that ave relevant keywords in them.

The free service that lets you do just that is ExpiredDomains.net.

Tool Four – Know What’s Trending

As an affiliate you should always stay aware of current trends so that you’;ll know which items may be best for your to promote. You do not want to promote something that’s “not as popular” as it was a year ago; you will want to keep current with todays trends.

Google trends is a free tool that you can use to research trends, so that you can better stay informed with what people are looking for today. Click here to visit the google trends website now.

Tool Five – A Great Keyword Research Tool

If you hope to generate income from sales that were generated by those who have found your website via a search engine (google, bing etc.) then you’ll want to use good keyword phrases in your page titles and content.

How will you know what keywords to target?

Well, if you want to promote eBay (for example), and if you use the word eBay in your site title, then the chances of you ranking anywhere in the top results for that word are close to zero.

Over 45 million people search for eBay every month. That is a lot of people looking for eBay!

Yet, there are over 1,600,000,000 websites that have the keyword eBay in their site. Yeah, the chances of you getting your site seen in the first MILLION of pages of the results for that one word are so close to zero that you should not even bother trying!

So what can you do? You use a good keyword tool to find keyword phrases that you can use to monetize a small fraction of the traffic coming from those 45 million searches!

Jaaxy is just such a tool, click here to try it out, your first 30 searches are free!

Want More?

There are many more free tools available for affiliates to use today. If you are looking for more, then click here to schedule a free coaching session with me! We can discuss other tools, and methods that you can use to make money from home as an affiliate marketer.


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