Affiliate Marketing Advertising Methods For Promoting Your Products Offline

There are literally hundreds of affiliate marketing methods that you can use to promote your products offline, with a few simple ones already being covered in a previous article.

5 Fabulous Ways For Using Your Affiliate Code Offline To Generate Commissions” is an article I wrote that shares 5 simple things you can do to promote your affiliate products offline, you may want to read over those because the article explains the importance of having a short URL for your offline marketing endeavors.

Here’s a few more things you can do to promote your products offline, I hope that you find this information useful!

Prepare A Speech

Host a public speaking where community members can come hear you speak about whatever product you are marketing. You want to work towards becoming known as the “expert” in your community, when it regards whatever product you are promoting.

For Example: If you are promoting fishing and camping related products, your speech could be titled “Camping & Water Safety For The Whole Family”. You could get all sorts of information that you can use in your speech, from your states department of natural resources. Your local 4H administrator could also help you find free government publications (public domain works) that you could use as educational information for your speech.

Schedule the speech in an outdoor location (perhaps the local school football stadium), and see if you can get other local businesses to join you. A local bakery could provide information about food safety, and cooking over a campfire. A local pharmacist could provide general safety information pertaining to preventing bug bites and what to do in the case someone gets bit by a snake. A local police officer could present a speech about staying safe around strangers (great information for children) and a park ranger could explain about the dangers of trying to feed or pet the area wildlife.

There’s literally many ways you can turn a simple speech into a great community awareness event! All you need to do is grab a notebook and brainstorm ideas that you could use for the products you intend to promote!

Of course, you will want to pitch your short URL during your speech, not a sales pitch, but more of a “for more information, please visit my website at (URL HERE). And on your website, you should have a portfolio explaining who you are and what you have to offer. Don’t forget to have a way for site visitors to join your mailing list, this is critical!

Network Like Crazy

As in the example above, you will want to work with other business owners or affiliate marketers in your community (or online), when it’s possible.

Get to know people around you that sell things that compliment the products you are promoting. If you are striving to promote jewelry, then get to know a local business owner that owns a dress shop or boutique. Get to know the editor of your local paper, and the owner of your local radio station.

The goal is to get to know as many people as you can in your community, not so you can sell to them, but so that you can network together to help each other.

For Instance: If you sell jewelry, then you could let the local formal shop owner know that you are available for jewelry selections, and ask him or her if it is OK for you to refer them for gown suggestions when you din a customer in need of a gown. This way, you can refer customers to that shop, and in turn that shop can return like-minded customers to you.

Don’t Forget Old Fashioned Fliers & Business Cards

Print out some fliers and post them around town. Buy ads in the local paper, create a broadcast for the local radio station and purchase broadcasting slots. And of course, hand out your business card to as many people as you can!

These marketing methods are tried and true methods that have been around long before there was such as thing as the “Internet”.

Become A Consultant For Your Niche

Don’t just sell a product, LEARN all you can about the products you are trying to sell! The goal is to become known as the expert in your area, so do just that, become the expert!

Go to the library and read books, research topics related to your niche online, devour as much information as you can so that you can quickly respond to any questions when they arise.

Once you have fully educated yourself about your niche, then you can start offering free, short consultations to people in your area. You don’t have to handle the consultation via face-to-face contact, most consultations can be handled over the phone unless you have a product you want the person to “try before they buy”.

Knowledge is power and you need to learn all you can so that the knowledge you provide is deemed as “extremely valuable” to the consumer!

The Greatest Offline Marketing Method Of All Time

Word of mouth advertising is always the best form of advertising that you can use. How do you help improve in this area? By simply being kind, knowledgeable, helpful and polite.

Get out into the community and let people know you are there. Volunteer for events, help at the local schools, get to know teachers, commissioners and others of influence in the community.

Do not promote your products, you want to promote YOURSELF! So long as you focus on being a great member of the community, the sales will eventually follow.

Once you have become well-known in your community, then you can branch out and get to know people in surrounding areas. The sky is the limit when it comes to word of mouth advertising, so start living a lifestyle where you do not rush through the day as you handle your daily tasks. But instead, take it slow, and start taking notice of the things that YOU can do to support your community.

Then, you will see that your community will support you!

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