5 Fabulous Ways For Using Your Affiliate Code Offline To Generate Commissions

As an affiliate marketer, you have an unlimited source of income at your fingertips. The potential for earning a great income, is set by YOU and you alone. No one else can determine how much you make.

The more you work at promoting your affiliate code (link) the more you increase your chances of earning commissions from consumers who have purchased after using your affiliate link.

I want to share with you 5 fabulous ways you can promote your affiliate code offline to generate income!

First, You Need To Shorten Your URL

Your affiliate links are way too long for offline marketing. Since people can not “click” your website address, you will need to have a link that is super short and super easy to remember!

You will understand the reasoning behind this once you read about the 5 offline marketing methods you can use to promote your affiliate program.

You can accomplish this by buying a very short domain name and redirecting the domain name to your affiliate link.

Or, you can use a service that shortens your URL for you, a service like Bit.ly for example.

Now me, I do not want my promotions to be in the hand of another, so I decided to install a URL shortening program on my own website, so that I would have complete control of how my URLs look and redirect. You can do this too, a great program for this is provided at 2ad.co.

Method One ~ Car Decal To Squeeze Page

Now this may seem to be a no-brainer, but hey…people see your car every day! See why you will need a short URL? You want people to be able to remember it easily if they are riding behind you on the interstate, so a lengthy URL just won’t cut the cake.

Now, to promote your affiliate program, you will have to consider this. If someone visits your link, only to be directed to a well-known website like Amazon, they will get confused about why you had the link on your car.

And, considering that some affiliate programs (including Amazon) do not allow redirects with their links, then you could be in jeopardy of your affiliate account being terminated.

If the program you are promoting provides a squeeze page, this is GREAT! Link to it (if permitted), place the decal in a prominent yet safe location on your car and smile as you drive around conducting your typical every day business!

If the program does not permit a squeeze page, then you can create one quickly and easily using the free and popular word press blog. Click here to sign-up for word press blog that is completely free of charge!

Now, as for your squeeze page, if you do not know how to make one of these, then I offer some free ones that you can use just click here to contact me for a free coaching session. During your session, just let me know that you are interested in the free squeeze pages and I will give you the link where you can download them for free.

I’ll also provide the code you can use on your free blog!

Method Two ~ The Old Fashioned Pen Trick

You see it every day, pens and pencils with business information on them. They are EVERYWHERE.

Businesses know the power of the pen, and they use it all the time as a means to “remind” people that their business exists.

You can order pencils or pens (I recommend pens) that can be handed out, given with gifts or even randomly left in prime locations.

If you are giving them as gifts, you can get very nice stylus or gel pens. If you plan to leave them in random locations, then the cheaper pens (or even pencils) are your best bet.

I had a pastor come to my place of business once, and while he was there he talked a bit with me about his Church. When he left, he gave me a pen and simply said “Call me if you ever want to talk, my number is on the pen”.

Now I had just moved to a new location, and I really did not know anyone, so his kindness really left an impression on me.

I placed the pen in my purse, and forgot about it. A few days later, I needed a pen. I always keep a nice pilot pen in my purse, because I love how the ink flows, so I went digging for my pen.

The pen I pulled out of my purse was not my pilot pen, but the cheap pen that Pastor had given me. Of course, I used it, and put it right back in my purse, but that split-second of “wow, where did this come from” went to “oh yeah, that nice preacher dude gave me this”.

This was years ago, and since then, I have discovered that pen many times in various locations. In my purse, my daughter once swiped it, I swiped it back. It sat on my desk for a long time. Every time I used that pen, I was reminded of that kind man. Today, I have attended his Church several times, I now know his name, and I now call him and his wife very precious friends.

Is it simply because of that pen? Nah, the pen was just a pen. It was because he took time to talk with me, and to part by saying something kind as he GAVE me the pen.

A personalized pen, when given in a kind memorable manner, is a fabulous marketing tool for any affiliate marketer to utilize!

Method Three ~ Motivational Trading Cards

Ok, don’t laugh, but this is one marketing method that you do not want to overlook. I just explained how a pencil or pen can be used to market your affiliate links, but maybe this is something you deem too costly.

If that is the case, maybe this idea will meet your budget better!

You have seen them online I am sure. Pretty graphics with wonderful quotes. They get pinned on Pinterest, shared like crazy on Facebook and tweeted by people from all over the world. Celebrities sometimes tweets and shares these motivational messages!

There is a reason that these motivational messages are so popular, that’s because they are quick, cute, encouraging words that are easy to share, geared towards bringing encouraging joy to others.

You can make your own designs of motivational cards, by following this example.

Take a wonderful photo of something beautiful, add a quote using fancy text. Put a nice frame around it, and place your short URL in the bottom right or left corner with a very short (2 or 3 words) message.

Make these cards the same size as baseball cards and then you have “motivational trading cards” that you can use to hand out to potential customers

There’re other ways to use this idea to market your affiliate program, don’t forget the free coaching session. I’ll share those ways with you during your session. Click here to request your free session. During your session ask me about where to get free printable cards that you can use to utilize this idea with!

Method Four ~ Consult With Me Campaign

No, I’m not asking you to consult with me. I am letting you know that YOU can run a campaign like this!

Find a location (preferably a location that is free, but not your home) where you can host a meeting with a group of people. Keep the group small, so that you do not overwhelm yourself. Typically, a “group of ten ~ bring a friend” is a good guideline to follow.

Create fliers and ads about the meeting, include the types of projects you will be going over (Example: if you are promoting pet products, be sure to include information that the meeting is for people who love their pets).

Think of the many ways you can uplift the products you are trying to promote, without actually having to mention the actual product. The goal is NOT to sell, but to inform and provide your Short URL.

When you host the meeting, share information about the TYPES of products that are good for the consumer. If it’s about pets, then explain how pet shampoo can be used to help the fur stay vibrant etc.

Get creative and I am sure that you can come up with many sales points you can use that can “lead” others to choosing to buy from your link.

Provide simple refreshments, bottled water and maybe some fresh fruit so that the guests stay hydrated and have something to snack on during the presentation.

Keep the meeting short, no longer then 30 minutes is ideal. Talk about the benefits of using great products, give tips that can benefit not only the people attending the meeting, but also those the product is intended for.

This is not a sales presentation, consider it a “I am here to HELP” presentation. Provide information that is useful, then at the end of the meeting, give a short question and answer session.

This is where you can allow others to ask questions, and when they start asking about products, this is where you can pitch your SHORT URL. NOT the actual products, just the URL. Inform the group that this was not a sales presentation, that you just wanted to provide a bit of wonderful information, and let them know that they can learn about the products you recommend by visiting your URL.

If you put your mind to it, I am certain you can come up with some very creative things to share, that will have your guests leave happy and satisfied! Word of mouth advertising is the best form of advertising, and your goal is to have them leave felling great about YOU, not your product. If they feel good about you, they will feel good about whatever it is that you are recommending.

Method Five ~ Combine The Previous Four Methods With A Sample

Now this is where it gets good! Host a meeting, and have some small goody bags to give to participants. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on the bags, use plain paper bags and add one of your pens, a few motivational trading cards and a sample of some sort.

If you are promoting pet products, a cheap pet lease would be great. Or maybe a small toy that their pet can enjoy. If you are promoting makeup, then a small mirror would be a nice thing to include, with a note that says something like “Look at you, you’re so beautiful!”. Cheesy? Yes, of course. Memorable, even more so 🙂

What It All Boils Down To Is This

Your ultimate goal is to get consumers to remember YOU and your SHORT URL!

During the meetings that you hold, these are the key points of contact that you should focus on:

When people arrive, they will see your decal on your car. This is point of contact one.

When they enter the premises, you should greet them warmly. This is point of contact two.

When you hold the meeting, you should provide information that is helpful for them. This is point of contact three.

At the end of the meeting, you will host the Q&A session, where you give warm replies to their questions. This is point of contact four.

After the meeting is over, you will say your goodbyes as you hand out your goody bags. This is point of contact five.

These methods are not only great for promoting whatever program you are an affiliate for, but they are also great for word of mouth advertising!

There’s many more offline marketing methods you can utilize to promote your program, your free coaching session awaits you, click here sign up for it today!

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